TadarokAB is an engineering and Procurement Company specialized in the field of water and wastewater treatment TadarokAB was founded in 2002 with its main office located in Tehran ,Iran .

The technical staff at TadarokAB offer extensive hands-on experience in engineering design, consulting, equipment procurement and commissioning /start up of water and wastewater treatment facilities .Our exposure to industry needs enables us to react flexibly to our customers ’requirement and specifications, providing them with optimum solutions to meet the projects time tables.  

Our project management capabilities range from basic process packages to complete process and engineering design to construction supervision of water and wastewater treatment projects.  We provide total water management solutions, including purification of water , to provide safe drinking water for homes and communities, treatment of water to meet process requirements for different industries, removal of pollutants from wastewater to conform to regulatory limits, and recycle/recover water for reuse.

  Our main project services are including:

  • Process Design
  • Detail Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Erection, Plant Testing and Commissioning

TadarokAB activities

  •  Design, Manufacturing and Procurement of Industrial and Potable Water Treatment systems:

1-    Removal of suspended solids, turbidity, color and odor of water by using:

–      Coagulation, flocculation and solid settling systems including flocculators and clarifiers and Electro-Coagulation systems

–      Filtration systems including pressurized, gravity and disc filters with manual or automatic backwash, including sand, dual and multi media, activated carbon, and similar.

–      Sand and grit removal systems including hydro-cyclones.

–      Disinfection systems including liquid and gas chlorinators, ozone generation systems, and UV system.

2-    Deareators and degasifiers.

3-    Removal of dissolved solids by using:

–      Reverse Osmosis Systems,

–      Resin ion exchangers,

4-    Removal of hardness via:

–      Lime-soda Process

–      Resin softeners

  • Design, fabrication and supply of industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment systems:

1-    Physical and chemical treatment using:

–      Manual mechanical screens,

–      Coagulation-flocculation and settling systems,

–      Floatation systems,

–      Chemical dosing systems for pH adjustment and coagulation reactions,

2-    Biological treatment including:

–      Activated sludge process, using surface mechanical aerators and air diffusion systems.

–      Aerobic and anaerobic lagoons.

–      Sludge digestion and dewatering systems.

3-    Oily water treatment Systems using:

–      Gravity Separation (API)

–      Plate Interceptors ( CPI)

–      Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

  • Design and supply compact wastewater treatment package including aeration tank (equipped with mechanical surface aerators or air diffusers), settling and chlorination tanks.
  • Preparation and procurement of required equipment of water and wastewater Treatment systems including:

–      Trash screens, communitors, aerators, and air blowers,

–      Pumps including submersible pumps and chemical dosing pumps,

–      Electrical equipment, instrumentation and laboratory equipment

  • Engineering/consulting services for water and wastewater treatment systems (sanitary and Industry)
  • Operation and maintenance of existing water and wastewater treatment