Filtration system (Sand, Dual media, Activated carbon and …)

Filtration is the process of removing suspended solids from water by passing the water through a permeable fabric or porous bed of materials. Groundwater is naturally filtered as it flows through porous layers of soil. However, surface water and groundwater under the influence of surface water is subject to contamination from many sources. Some contaminants pose a threat to human health, and filtration is one of the oldest and simplest methods of removing them. Filtration methods include slow and rapid sand filtration through different media such as sand, dual media (sand and anthracite), activated carbon , green sand and … as well as cartridge filtration.

سیستم فیلتراسیون حذف اهن  و منکنر با استفاده از اکسید منکنز( مادوکس ) به ظزفیت 180 لیتر در ثانیه در شهر کوچصفهان – کارفرما اب و فاضلاب استان گیلان (این پروژه برای اولین بار در ایران توسط تدارکاب انجام شد )


نازل گذاری فیلتر افقی به طول 9.5 و قطر 2.5متر- کارفرما آب و فاضلاب روستائی خوزستان