About Tadarokab

  Our main project services are including:

  • Process Design
  • Detail Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Erection, Plant Testing and Commissioning

TadarokAB activities

  •  Design, Manufacturing and Procurement of Industrial and Potable Water Treatment systems:

1-    Removal of suspended solids, turbidity, color and odor of water by using:

–      Coagulation, flocculation and solid settling systems including flocculators and clarifiers and Electro-Coagulation systems

–      Filtration systems including pressurized, gravity and disc filters with manual or automatic backwash, including sand, dual and multi media, activated carbon, and similar.

–      Sand and grit removal systems including hydro-cyclones.

–      Disinfection systems including liquid and gas chlorinators, ozone generation systems, and UV system.

2-    Deareators and degasifiers.

3-    Removal of dissolved solids by using:

–      Reverse Osmosis Systems,

–      Resin ion exchangers,

4-    Removal of hardness via:

–      Lime-soda Process

–      Resin softeners

  • Design, fabrication and supply of industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment systems:

1-    Physical and chemical treatment using:

–      Manual mechanical screens,

–      Coagulation-flocculation and settling systems,

–      Floatation systems,

–      Chemical dosing systems for pH adjustment and coagulation reactions,

2-    Biological treatment including:

–      Activated sludge process, using surface mechanical aerators and air diffusion systems.

–      Aerobic and anaerobic lagoons.

–      Sludge digestion and dewatering systems.

3-    Oily water treatment Systems using:

–      Gravity Separation (API)

–      Plate Interceptors ( CPI)

–      Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)

  • Design and supply compact wastewater treatment package including aeration tank (equipped with mechanical surface aerators or air diffusers), settling and chlorination tanks.
  • Preparation and procurement of required equipment of water and wastewater Treatment systems including:

–      Trash screens, communitors, aerators, and air blowers,

–      Pumps including submersible pumps and chemical dosing pumps,

–      Electrical equipment, instrumentation and laboratory equipment

  • Engineering/consulting services for water and wastewater treatment systems (sanitary and Industry)
  • Operation and maintenance of existing water and wastewater treatment